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Worcester is Officially the Snowiest City in the Country

February 11th, 2015 aecase18

Anchorage, Alaska? Buffalo, New York? Erie, Pennsylvania?

Surprisingly not.

You heard that right: our beloved home of Worcester, Massachusetts was today officially named the snowiest city in the United States.

With 90.1 inches of snow already having fallen, and (not one, not two, but) THREE more snowstorms set to arrive this week, the Holy Cross campus is rapidly starting to look more and more like the windswept tundra of Antarctica. There’s even an igloo outside my window.



Walking to Class

Walking to Class

The myth of Holy Cross’ never-cancelled classes has been shattered. We have already had several snow days, and even a “shelter in place” during which we weren’t allowed to leave our dorms. Students celebrated the days off by sledding down the hill to Kimball and skiing down to Freshman Field (which before the snow served as an outdoor ice skating rink). After a big snowstorm, the campus looks like a ski resort. To get a glimpse of what we do on snow days, watch this video some guys made with a GoPro during Blizzard Juno:

Surprisingly, no trace of the Winter Blues seems to be affecting the campus. The tall blanket of white only makes the school more beautiful, and we spend just a little longer in Kimball chatting to friends instead of braving the cold. We may be a bit behind in classes, but we are certainly ahead of all other schools in terms of winter fun.

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